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Gula /Gjulə : Gluttony / Noun 

Excessive indulgence in eating and drinking whereby the satisfaction derived from the food prompts those who commit this sin to eat as much as possible



Gula is all things guilty and wickedly delicious, since we are sinners and we do it right. Our food and drinks are based on the knowledge we have acquired throughout our travels; deboucherous late nights involving many beers, often a dance floor and topping it off with slurping up bowls of noodles in dirty back streets. But it is also derived from technique, simplicity, study and experimentation.

Gula was born to fill the gap in Sydneys catering and private chef for-hire industry, by creating a balance between quality food and a personalised service, cutting out the middleman.

Our produce is sourced locally and sustainably, promoting domestic talents. Our goal is to feed you heavenly food and share the knowledge we have accumulated over the years on how to eat and drink better, and of course, more.

We are committed to good food as we think it is an essential part in experiencing total happiness. There is nothing better than to gather with friends and family in an inspiring setting, be served scrumptious food accompanied by that perfect drop and a beautiful playlist sounding in the background to beat.

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Professionally trained chef and is a true boss in the kitchen. She has over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, having worked in various prestigious venues such as at the Relais & Châteaux Hotels, (two Michelin restaurant), El Bulli Hotel in Spain, Head Chef at Aramburu in Argentina (34th best restaurant in Latin-American) and Ormeggio at the Spit (Two-hatted Italian restaurant).

After years dedicated to honing her skills in the restaurant world, the desire to connect to her own style and way of doing things pushed her to embark on her solo career. Melody begun with the co-ordination and catering of the food and beverages for a multi-day music festival and continued to catering for pop-up events on a regular basis until co -founding Gula. 

Her style of cooking is based on simple and clean flavours and her ever evolving fascination in the culture of food, its ingredients and by how food is made. Her dishes are a combination of home made cooking with fine dining touches. It it ‘bastard’ food with style, a true mix influenced by her Korean heritage, upbringing in Argentina and the training she has received in top Spanish, Australian and Italian restaurants.


Musician and connoisseur of style and taste, takes care of all the small details, will wow you with his innovative cocktails, curated playlists and make sure that your plates and glasses are always full. 

He has a long history in his native city Barcelona as an artist, an event promoter and as a cultural events ambassador. He has spent his entire life enveloped by music, art and of course food. He has eaten his way through some of the  best restaurants in the city and throughout Spain as well as many cities in the world. His devotion to consuming good food, soon developed into a passion for cooking it, which also coincided with a move to Melbourne almost 7 years ago. It was in Australia where he begun to hone his skills as an in-house private chef, bar tender and playing music in the cities best venues. 

Since relocating to Sydney, David with co-founder Melody, begin their new chapter with Gula, working to ensure that all their knowledge, passions and skills combine to offer their customers an unforgettable experience.

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