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We are not the average catering company. We tried to think of a less formal description of what we do, but at the end of the day, it´s just semantics. Yes, we cater, but we also make sure we have fun doing it and for the experience to feel like we are hosting family and friends.

With different packages ranging from simple finger food, to all inclusive menus including cocktails, wine, a number of courses and desserts, we make sure that you have no other responsibility other than to hold your glass, fill yourself up with delicious food and entertain your guests. We also offer banquets cooked on a wood fire for your outdoor event and provide styling services.

A private chef experience is also available for cooking in your home.

Contact us and ask us anything, we are sure we can make it happen.




Because sometimes photos speak more than a thousand words, visit our gallery


Highly recommended it. The service was very proffesional. Melody and David responded very fast to all my inquiries, they catered for all my friends and family adjusting to everyones needs. The food was amazing. They worked with the budget that we had and they did miracles. I will hire them again.


What an incredible addition to the culinary scene in Sydney. Gula recently catered for our private event and I couldn't have been more impressed. The food was outstanding and innovative, the service spotless and the accompanying music and all the details, worth 10 stars. I cant wait to try their home catered meals. Well done!


Best catering company I tried. The food quality they offer is next level and you'll test something you probably never tried as they are not only chefs but creators. 

Also very friendly people and top quality service.
Highly recommend!


Outstanding food & quality service.
Perfect alternative to dinning out - in the comfort of your own backyard.
The El Copon cocktail was my favourite!

Bravo Gula!

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